RC PlayGround has uploaded an Autumn RUN Adventure of Xtra Speed D110 Defender.

Video Credit: RC Play Ground @YouTube Channel

Xtra Speed D110 Pickup Truck Hard Plastic Scale Crawler 1/10 Body 334mm #XS-59661

Xtra Speed D110 Pickup Truck Hard Plastic Scale Crawler 1/10 Body 334mm #XS-59661

Introducing the Xtra Speed D110 Hard Plastic Body! Comes with all accessories for you to create the ultimate scale body, with car seats and other interal parts! Body structrure made of very strong and thick ABS material that is robust.

Quick Features

  • For: 1/10 Crawler
  • Unpainted Body
  • Material: Hard ABS Plastic

Xtra Speed D110 1/10 Scale Crawler 334mm WB ARTR Extended Chassis Rail Ver #XS-CAR-905


Introducing Xtra Speed’s 334mm wheel base scale crawler! Comes packaged with all the upgrades you would ever need in a scale crawler, including: helical gears, chassis mounted servo, pan hard bar and adjustable shock angles. Axles are slim and low profile to prevent any hang ups on the trail, steering knuckles have been engineered to provide the largest steering angle whilst keeping enough material to be strong enough to handle anything on the trail. Engine is mounted at the front of the chassis, right underneath the hood of the body: exactly the same as in the real car adding to the scale realism of this rig!


  • Black 1.9 Steel Stamped Beadlock Wheels
  • SGT Axle (XS-59500 & XS-59501)
  • Chassis Mounted Servo Rack Pre-installed
  • Dual Spring Oil Filled Shock Absorbers
  • Full Aluminum Suspension Links
  • Xtra Speed Steel High Tolerance Driveshafts use throughout (Black or Red Ring)
  • Easy to use velcro strap battery tray, fit up to 3s LiPos within
  • Total Length: 510mm
  • Width: 200mm
  • Wheelbase: 334mm
  • For XS-59659 / XS-59661 Body


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