AussieRC uploaded a video of Xtra Speed heavy duty truck and car trailer. It is a good way to show how well this truck pulls. It’s crazy because this truck was pulling a trailer loaded up with a heavy hard body crawler!

Let’s check out the video now!

Video Credit: AussieRC @YouTube Channel

Xtra Speed 1/10 Heavy Duty Truck and Car Trailer w/ Leaf Spring For 1/10 1/8 Crawler Truck Car #XS-59619

Buddy’s truck broken down on the trail? Or have more than one crawler you want to bring but too heavy to carry on your back? No problems, this Heavy Duty Trailer will solve all of those problems. Features a wide enough storage area for all sorts of cars and trucks for you to haul on all of your rc adventures. For heavy duty purposes, heavy duty amount of trailer wheels. Features 4 wheels to provide more stability and increase the weight it can carry.

Quick Features

  • For: Any 1/8 or 1/10 Car or Truck with a tow hook mounting point.
  • Material: Steel
  • Net Weight: 30kg (Approximately)
  • Color: Black

In the video, he also used the Yeah Racing 20kg waterproof servo in both trucks.

Yeah Racing 20kg Waterproof Super Torque Digital Servo Red For 1/10 Crawler Buggy #YE-0024RD

Video Credit: Yeah Racing @YouTube Channel

Servo with specific software tune to make it as best as possible for crawlers! Fully waterproof means you can take it anywhere and not worry about it!

Quick Features

  • For: Crawler / Buggy
  • Material: Plastic Case with Aluminum Heatsink

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