VS Customs has uploaded a review of Xtra Speed XS01 Jeep JK.

Let’s check out it now!

Video Credit: VS Customs @ YouTube Channel

Xtra Speed XS01 1/10 Scale Crawler 313mm Car Kit XS-CAR-910 w/ Jeep Hard Plastic Body Kit Combo #CB2056

Introducing Xtra Speed’s 313mm wheel base scale crawler! Comes packaged with all the upgrades you would ever need in a scale crawler, including: adjustable shock angles and adjustable steering geometry. Axles comes with protectors to protect it from obstacles on the trail, steering knuckles have been engineered to provide the largest steering angle whilst keeping enough material to be strong enough to handle anything on the trail. Engine is mounted at the front of the chassis, right underneath the hood of the body: exactly the same as in the real car adding to the scale realism of this rig! Note: You will only have to assemble the chassis, wheel and tires.

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