This is the new Yeah Racing Drivetrain And Steering Upgrade Kit For Tamiya M05 M06.

After launching the Aluminum Long-Span Suspension Arms And Knuckles Performance Upgrade Kit (#TAMCS01), Yeah Racing is now introducing the NEW Drivetrain And Steering Performance Upgrade Kit for Tamiya M05 and M06. This kit includes the steering set, long steering shaft, universal steel swing shaft, rear axles, solid axle, body post stiffener bar, front gear box, wheel adapter and serrated lock nut. This kit consists of everything you need to upgrade your M05 or M06 and unleash its full potential! It is an upgrade for the Tamiya M05 and M06 standard parts or to replace broken parts. This kit can increase your M05 and M06 steering strength and precision, maximizing the drivetrain power from an RC’s motor to the ground.


The New Innovative design by Yeah Racing, The Aluminum Steering Set w/ Ball Bearing reduces gaps between parts, aiming to give you smooth and tighter tolerance steering performance than original hop-ups. In addition, the New Universal Swing Shaft has been re-engineered enhance the wheel turning angles, also improve the concerned speed in order to achieve a stable, precise driving experience.

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  • (#TAMC-006) Aluminum Steering Set with Ball Bearing
  • (#TAMC-007) Aluminum Long Steering Shaft M3 x 93
  • (#TAMC-008) Aluminum Universal Steel Swing Shaft
  • (#TAMC-020) Aluminum Rear Axles
  • (#M05-069) Aluminum Solid Axle
  • (#M05-093) Graphite Body Post Stiffener Bar 2mm
  • (#M05-133) Aluminum Front Gear Box Joint
  • (#WA-016) Wheel Adapter
  • (#LN-M4S-LB) M4 Aluminium Serrated Lock Nut (4 pcs)
  • Manual (1 pc)


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