Yeah Racing announced that a New RR Motor Conversion Kit for Yokomo YD-2 series is coming soon.  To change your Yokomo YD-2 series car to a RR motor setting that increases the load on the rear driving wheels, giving them better grip of the road. The special feature is the quick-change differential system which allows you to swap quickly between differentials and quickly test different setups!

Let’s check out it now!

Product closer look!

Video Credit: Yeah Racing @YouTube Channel

Yeah Racing Aluminum Rear Motor Kit for Yokomo YD2 Black #YKYD-033BK

Relocate the motor on your YD2 to the most reward position to gain more on-power grip and corner entry speed! The motor position is adjustable so you can fine-tune the amount of roll your chassis gets when you enter a corner! With the leftover space, it is now an aluminum chassis stiffener brace which also acts as a place for you to install your ESC! Also brought over from our previous bulkhead design is the quick release diff for you to easily swap between diffs to try different setups!

Quick Feature

  • For: Yokomo YD-2
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Black

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