Yeah Racing are planning to release a fully upgraded conversion car! Besides the DSG shocks, the car will come pre-assembled which will save everyone a lot of time! Packed with heaps of adjustability, this car will sure be suited for you!


If you have seen the HPI RWD conversion kit, then the multi hole shock towers will be no stranger.yeahracing-YA-80001OR-4

Right off the bat, there is already more than enough steering angle required for RWD drifting!yeahracing-YA-80001OR-11

There are spacers in the steering rack for you to adjust the steering angle and to prevent the steering from over throwing and locking the front wheels.
yeahracing-YA-80001OR-5 yeahracing-YA-80001OR-6

Here we can see the rear end of the car, with a highly adjustable motormount for you to run a large range of gear ratios.yeahracing-YA-80001OR-7

Link adjusted rear toe in with dynamically changing throughout the suspension movement.

The car comes with a gear differential pre-installed with a locker inside effectively making it a spool. Gears are also included if you wish to run an oil-filled gear differential in the rear.yeahracing-YA-80001OR-9 yeahracing-YA-80001OR-14 yeahracing-YA-80001OR-13

Run either a regular sized pack or a shorty with the included quick swap battery plates!