Yokomo has released an aluminum servo arm for the YZ-2 series buggies and trucks. Machined from high-quality material and coming black anodized and with machined silver edge details the servo horn improves steering emphasis and feeling by greatly reducing overall flex compared to a composite arm. At 15.5mm length the arm also has the perfect geometry for the YZ-2 buggies and YZ-2T truck and it is available in the 23T specification for Sanwa and KO Propo servos and also as the 25T variant for Yokomo and Futaba servos.

Let’s check out it now!


Don’t miss the YZ-2!

Yokomo 1/10 YZ-2CAL2 Carpet & Astro Edition 2WD Off-Road Racing Buggy Car Kit #B-YZ2CAL2

The YZ-2CL2 is high traction, fully equipped 1/10th Off-Road Racing Buggy. Using the DNA of the successful YZ-2CA, Yokomo has increased the performance and durability on carpet and astroturf surfaces. Yokomo’s YZ-2DTM achieved the perfect win at the 2017 IFMAR 1/10th Electrics Off-Road World Championship in China and replicated that at the EFRA European Championships in Italy.


Quick Features

  • Updated Front Gull Suspension Arm/New HD 5.5mm ball end
  • Updated S4 Rear Suspension Arm/ New HD 5.5mm ball end
  • Updated Aluminum Center Link
  • Updated High Precision Aluminum Steering Bell Clunk
  • Updated Lightweight 3 pad slipper for Laydown 3 gearbox
  • And more…

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