Yokomo released the Toe Angle Chart & Sus Mount Chart of the BD8 and the upcoming BD9!

All Yokomo lovers must not miss this for defining the best setting for your car.

Let’s check out it now!


BD9 Series

BD9 2019 トー角早見表/Toe angle chart [PDF 15KB]

BD9 2019サスマウント チャート/Sus mount chart [PDF68KB]


BD8 Series

BD8 トー角早見表/Toe angle chart [PDF 17KB]

BD8 サスマウント チャート/Sus mount chart [PDF52KB]

Coming soon on rcMart, stay tuned for more information!

More Yokomo Product on rcMart: https://bit.ly/2PlCtYe

Orginal Post: https://bit.ly/2Jp5cK9

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