Takahiro Kawakami, who in charge of Yokomo product testing and data setting, he explains the adjustment and recommendation of ESC RPXII for 1/10 drift.

Let’s check out the video now!

Video Credit: YOKOMO @YouTube Channel

Yokomo RPXII Brushless Speed Controller

The ESC utilizes the highest grade FET technology for the lowest possible internal resistance and high efficiency, giving more power and runtime while producing minimum heat.The new ATH Auto Throttle Function with simplified settings for stock classes as well as a new and efficient boost adjustment, frequency as well as individual PWM and break frequency adjustment help to fine-tune the driving feeling as is the new voltage limit function to manage possible throttle fading during a run. The controller is housed in an aluminum case and it utilizes a 30mm fan unit for best possible heat dissipation. Along with the release of the controller comes a new programming card that can store up to three kinds of setting modes to maximize the usability.

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