Takahiro Kawakami, who design and develop YD – 2 SX II, he introduced the Yokomo’s new released YD – 2 SX IIRWD drift chassis!

The setup video of YD – 2 SX II will also be released from the beginning of the year!

Let’s check out the video now!

Video Credit: YOKOMO @ YouTube Channel

Let’s check out the YD – 2 SX II!

Yokomo YD-2SXII 1/10 RWD Drift Car Chassis Kit EP #DP-YD2SX2

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This new model will come with all the updated new parts in the kit creating a premium chassis for the customer who is serious about competing in drift competitions with the most modern configuration and parts.

Quick Features

  • Curved Aluminum Steering Slide Rack
  • A short rear suspension arm
  • Suspension mount
  • Aluminum rear shock tower
  • The latest front and rear hub carrier
  • Steering lock stopper

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