Yokomo has uploaded a video to introduce the new drift springs. The first one is direct type spring for the front. The direct type for the front is a rough wound type with excellent response. It responds sharply to steering operation and improves operability with a high sense of touch. Even under high-speed driving, it is difficult to get understeer due to a break on the front, and it is possible to attract the gallery with a highly appealing approach speed.

The second one is the rear springs. There are 2 types of rear springs, forward grip type, and side grip type. The forward type responds well to throttle control and has an attractive feeling of acceleration like pushing the machine forward. We draw out high exercise performance and direct dynamic drift driving. In a competition layout where rising acceleration is a key point, forward-type acceleration creates an advantage.

The last one is the side grip type. The side grip type takes advantage of the characteristics of multi-turn, and with a smooth suspension that smoothly follows the road surface, it achieves highly stable drift cornering. It is the best match for driving on a technical circuit by the improvement of the unprecedented control. The freedom of drift angle is high even in follow-up and group travel, and it is a finish that is no exaggeration to say that follow-up Meister training spring.

Let’s check out the video now!

Video Credit: YOKOMO @YouTube Channel

The new drift springs introduce in the video:

D-177FA Front Direct type spring(All round) for RWD
D-177FS Front Direct type spring(Soft) for RWD
D-178RA Rear Forward type spring(All round) for RWD
D-178RS Rear Forward type spring(Soft) for RWD
D-179RA Rear Side-grip type spring(All round) for RWD
D-179RS Rear Side-grip type spring(Soft) for RWD

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