Yokomo had introduced new special heatsink aluminum motor mount #Y2-RMC-04 for the rear motor YD-2 series of RWD drift cars. Machined from aluminum and featuring a heatsink design for improved heat dissipation, the motor mount also allows for seven motor height adjustments that enable the owner to adjust the car’s center of gravity according to the driving style and track conditions.

Let’s check out it now!

A new ultra-low mounting position allows for an even wider range of settings. The motor mount comes black anodized for looks and with machined silver highlights.

Comparing to the standard motor mount, it gains heat dissipation effect by providing a radiation fin and increasing the surface area, it’s the perfect item for a rear motor car that the air cannot escape easily.

Seven fixed positions in the gearbox are provided, and it is possible to change the height of the motor centering on the top shaft. A mounting hole has increased and its position even lower than the standard six stages, and more choices for setting became available.

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