Yokomo had introduced the new split rear inner suspension mounts for BD10 that made of heavy brass material. Of the same shape as the standard NA alloy mounts, the brass items add 6g at both sides without sacrificing chassis space, helping to easily adjust chassis balance if conditions call for it. The mounts come black anodized and with machined edge details.

Let’s check out it now!

Yokomo BD10 1/10 Competition Touring Car Kit EP #MRTC-BD10

Improved version of what evolute from BD9 and featuring the now en vogue mid layshaft/mid motor drivetrain configuration, the car is meant to offer optimized overall balance, improved acceleration due to equal length drivetrain belts as well as maximized traction due to using 2mm longer front and rear lower arms. The chassis allows for various flex settings by using inline braces to adjust pitch and roll flex.

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