Yokomo announced that a new Drift Performance DX1 Blushless motor for drift car is coming soon! Finally, the latest high-spec drift motor/drift performance DX 1 series, which team Yokomo thoroughly tuned, finally went through tests on various roads and situations of drift circuits all over the world, as well as in the world. You can choose the optimum power characteristics and traction performance according to the road surface.


The DX1R achieves output characteristics suitable for high grip road surface smoothly racing up to the high revolution. DX1T is a torque specification that emphasizes traction performance on low grip road surface, it is controllable setting that reacts linearly to throttle operation and accurately catches the road surface. In both stator and coil, T and R use things of quite different nature, the difference between the two types is very different The appearance is compatible with the maximum cooling performance and design at the maximum, newly adopted motor case pursued. Suppresses heat sag that will become a neck in drifting and maximizes its original performance.

2V6P0918 2V6P1152


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