Yokomo announced the latest incarnation of their popular YD-2 RWD drift chassis, the YD-2EXIIS standard black and limited red edition. Both kits include an impressive amount of the latest upgrade parts including the new curved slide rack steering system that provides a smooth, precise and consistent steering feeling through to the highest of steering angles. This has been made possible thanks to a no-bump-steer design that also allows adjusting the caster and KPI options without affecting steering angle over bumpy parts of the track. In addition to the standard black edition, Yokomo will issue a 300-piece red anodized limited edition. Both kits will become available by end of February.

Let’s check out it now!

YokomoYD2EXIIS-3 YokomoYD2EXIIS-8 YokomoYD2EXIIS-4 YokomoYD2EXIIS-5 YokomoYD2EXIIS-6 YokomoYD2EXIIS-7 YokomoYD2EXIIS-9 YokomoYD2EXIIS-1 YokomoYD2EXIIS-2YokomoYD2EXIIS-10

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Don’t miss the YD-2EXII!

Yokomo 1/10 Drift Package YD-2 EXII RWD Graphite Chassis Kit #DP-YD2EX2


This is the Yokomo “Graphite Chassis” YD-2EXII 2WD RWD Drift Car Kit. Achieving a two-time victory at the D1-10 World Championship in the Netherlands, this high-end RWD chassis kit has enhanced its performance at low traction surface. The key feature of the YD-2E series is the low center of gravity for performing high speed drifting in any type of surface condition. In the meantime, Team Yokomo developed and tested Front steering blocks and Front/Rear Short Lower Arms in several types of track surfaces for the superset of YD-2E series. Now, those new parts will be a kit standard at YD-2EXII. The YD-2EXII is a high-end, well-balanced car kit for a variety of drivers who enjoy RC Drifting in any type of surface condition.

Quick Features

  • Redesigned Front Steering Block / Short Lower Arm
  • Redesigned Rear Short Lower Arm
  • Redesigned Rear Aluminum Wide Suspension Mount
  • Redesigned Rear Aluminum Shock Tower (Front Shock Tower is exactly same with EX)
  • And more…

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