After the Zero Tribe released the Mid conversion kit for Yokomo BD9, the design team is continuing to study how to produce the better version or improve the performance of that chassis. Now, they announced that the 2nd Generation – Mid 2.0mm Aluminum Chassis For Yokomo BD9 will be released soon. Machined from high-quality aluminum and coming black anodized for wear and looks, the chassis comes in handy when running in high-bite track conditions as it reduces overall chassis flex for a more controlled ride in grippy carpet or asphalt conditions.

Let’s check out it now!

rcmart-blog-Zero Tribe New Mid 2.0mm Aluminum Chassis For Yokomo BD9 - High-Quality Aluminum

Coming soon on rcMart, stay tuned for more information!

The 1st Generation!

ZEROTRIBE MID Conversion Kit For Yokomo BD9 #ZT1090 is Available Now on rcMart!!!

This is ZEROTRIBE MID Conversion Kit For Yokomo BD9. The purpose of development is to reduce the time lag at the time of throttle operation as much as possible by eliminating the difference in belt length between front and back. As a result, the motor is laid out on the center side, enabling a balanced midship layout to be realized. In addition, with the recent evolution of the battery, we have also made possible the layout of chassis balance priority using short lipo battery.

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