After Zero Tribe released the Mid Conversion Kit for T4, Arrowmax also released Medius Mid motor conversion kit for T4. You may want to know the difference between them?

Here we will compare these two kits.

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Arrowmax Mid Conversion kit use Floating Pulley Design, Battery can be laid out on more center side (Compare with Zero Tribe one).  Zero Tribe’s design is more stable to fix the motor on the center.

Arrowmax Medius kit will include the following

  • 2.25mm US weave Carbon fiber Chassis OR 2mm 7075 Aluminium Chassis
  • 2mm US weave Carbon fiber Top deck.
  • Redesigned carbon fiber servo mount holder to be able to fit on both sides of the chassis. Able to create the perfect left-right balance whether using a Standard long pack, Shorty Pack or the Petite mid-size battery.
  • CNC machined 7075 Single piece motor mount
  • CNC machined 7075 redesigned center pulley
  • Chassis stiffener allows using different flex options
  • High quality belts

Let’s watch the ZEROTRIBE MID Conversion Kit unboxing video to check out what is included.

ZEROTRIBE MID Conversion Kit #ZT1067

Arrowmax Medius Mid Motor Conversion Kit #AM-910001


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