Every RC lovers know, electronic parts are very important AND expensive when building an RC, right? Therefore, reading this article can help your servo live longer and save money.


Choose the RIGHT Servo

Servos have different character, Speed, Torque, Low Profile, General .Also go with reputable manufactures and shopping platform,which provide better after sale service!


Set your Endpoints !!!

NOT setting your endpoint can kill your servo faster than anything!!

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Soft Mount the Servo

Do you use the rubber grommets, eyelets supplied with your servo? Soft mounting your servo only takes a few moments when you’re installing your servo. Install the grommets into the eyelets in servo. This can help to isolate the servo from chassis vibrations and to prevent cracking the ears off the cases.


Tidy up the Wire

Keep your servo wire neat and tidy and, most importantly, away from moving parts which are supporting your RC Car. You may need some tools like screw driver may help!


Check Clearance

Before install the servo into the radio tray, you should check the clearance in order to avoid the vibration. Some servos are longer than others, you should make sure there are enough space to account for servo and chassis flexing.