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Carisma CRF-GT Chassis w/ Pre-Painted Black Pagani Zonda R Body 1/10 2WD Pan Car EP #77668

The CRF-GT is based on the new Carisma Racing CRF platform. It shares all the quality and innovation of that Innovative 2WD race chassis and features the same ease of geometry and tuning options of its Chassis Only CRF Kit sibling. The only noticeable differences are the addition of a front bumper and the design of the battery hold down mechanism.

Quick Feature
-Full Carbon Fibre Race Chassis, Aircraft Grade Alloy and Composite Components.
-Unique front bulkhead design for multiple set ups and ease of on-the-fly tuning.
-Rear pivot pod with innovative side shock sliders and optional Dual-Stage Suspension setup.
-Every aspect of the geometry is fully adjustable to dial in any track/surface condition.
-Real world tested Chassis & Geometry. No theoretical, No simulation, Race proven.
-The Zonda R Body is Polycarbonate, Screen Printed to replicate the original cars Matt/Dry Carbon Look.
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