In taking about Hot Topic FWD Touring car at the end of 2019 – Xpress Execute FT1 and Xray T4F, these two cars you may figure out from mind. But which one is better? What is the key feature and difference between both of them?

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Take an overview of both of them!

Xpress Execute FT1 1/10 Competition FWD Touring Car Kit #XP-90022

Xray T4F 1/10 Luxury FWD Touring Car Kit EP #XR-300200


The most significate difference must be the internal ratio, Xray T4F is using 2.375, but Xpress Execute FT1 is using 1.9. Those of them are competition level FWD Touring car and using high-quality graphite material to build the chassis. It can make sure the durability and racing performance. The special feature you should know for the Xpress Execute FT1, FT1 contain the fast change brass weight attachments at the bottom of the bulkheads that allow fasting to switch the bulkheads setting between one-piece or assemble bulkheads.

Xpress Execute FT1 1/10 Competition FWD Touring Car Kit #XP-90022

Moreover, Xpress Execute FT1 had a low profile front bumper with an integrated fan mount that ensures the motor will not overheat for better performance!


Xpress Execute FT1 1/10 Competition FWD Touring Car Kit #XP-90022

Quick Features

  • Graphite Decks
  • Execute XQ1 Differential
  • One Million Cst Differential Oil Included
  • Spring Steel Double Jointed Universals
  • Structurally Reinforced Suspensions Parts
  • 1.9 Internal Ratio Belt Driven System
  • Multiple Battery Placement Options
  • Upper Deck Stiffeners to change handling characteristics
  • Bumper Integrated 30mm Fan Mount
  • Re-designed Steering Post for more steering lock
  • Swaybars front and rear for consistent handling
  • Adjustable Suspension Geometry through eccentric bushings
  • Wheelbase: 256mm
  • Width: 190mm

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Xpress released the sport version of FT1 that Execute FT1S Sport 1/10 FWD Touring

Xpress Execute FT1S 1/10 Sport FWD Touring Car Kit #XP-90019 

Xpress Execute FT1S 1/10 FWD touring car kit! Continuing on with the economical pricepoint with our “S” series of cars, we bring users with a entry-level price point FWD touring car with perfomance that exceeds what users pay for the kit! With the motor situated at the most forward position, thought was put into the battery placement selections which allows users to adjust the center of gravity through battery placement!

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Xpress | Execute FT1 VS Execute FT1S – 1/10 FWD Touring Car Kit – Structure Comparison #XP-90022 & #XP-90019

Xray T4F 1/10 Luxury FWD Touring Car Kit EP #XR-300200

The T4F – a premium, professional, high-competition RC car for the most demanding racers, developed with attention to detail and backed by premium service & support. With XRAY’s uncompromising design philosophy bringing everything together to make the best FWD touring car, the T4F captures the unique XRAY character, born of precision craftsmanship, highest attention to detail, and using the finest materials.

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