In 26 & 27th January 2019, A exciting drift competition had been completed in an indoor track located in a local RC hobby shop. It gathered all drifters and thanks to our neighbor drifter from Bintulu and Sabah came to join the event!  The match had two class, RWD & AWD.  rcMart sponsored driver – Chris Speedster (with Yokomo YD2S Plus) & Ashabirin Suhaili (With Yokomo YD2 Plus) had joined this competition. Fortunately, Ashabirin Suhaili got Number 3 in AWD Class and Number 7 in RWD class.


Let’s check out this interesting match now!


Don’t miss the YD-2S Plus and YD-2 Plus!

Yokomo 1/10 YD-2S Plus RWD Carbon Graphite Version EP Competition Drift Car Chassis Kit #DP-YD2S-PL


This is Yokomo 1/10 YD-2S Plus RWD Carbon Graphite Version EP Competition Drift Car Chassis Kit. This specialized model is with high mount motor layout for increasing more rear traction. However, it is a special design and renews the layout of the motor itself to prevent the weakness of the high motor mount. In case of the conventional high motor mount, a kind of sensitive on driving performance especially at the twisted corner section and also out of the corner, it will be less acceleration and more difficult in drive it.

Quick Features

  • New designed low profile gearbox
  • New designed hybrid carbon+composite main chassis
  • 4 type in battery layout
  • 3 rotate position motor mount
  • All for winning at the battle on the super slippy surface

Yokomo 1/10 YD-2 Plus Final Version RWD EP Drift Car Chassis Kit #DP-YD2PLSF

The Yokomo YD-2 series which laid the new era of two drift also attained a victory of winning for the second consecutive year in the world championship for about a year and a half since it appeared last August. Popular in the market, as one kit has gained great popularity all over the world. In this time. we decided to sell a very affordable car as a limited product of YD-2 final version as the final product of the conventional type.


Quick Features

  • Aluminum Bumper Brace
  • Aluminum Front shock tower
  • Aluminum Rear shock tower
  • Aluminum front SP steering block (variable kingpin angle type)
  • And more…

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