Yuichi Kanai – designer for the Kyosho Inferno platform, he released first information on forthcoming new aluminum rear hubs for the all-new MP10 platform. The parts will be direct replacements for the kit’s composite hubs, adding strength rigidity to the rear end of the buggy. The parts will include blue color bearings inserts for greater durability as well as composite plastic inserts to alter the geometry.

Let’s check out it now!

Kyosho MP10 alloy rear hubs Kyosho MP10 alloy rear hubs Kyosho MP10 alloy rear hubs

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Kyosho Inferno MP10 Radio Controlled .21 Engine Powered 1/8 4WD Racing Buggy Car Kit GP #33015B

kyosho, 33015b, 33015B

The pinnacle of 1:8 scale off-road buggy racing is the IFMAR (International Federation of Model Auto Racing) World Championship, won by the Kyosho INFERNO a record 8 times. The INFERNO has always been the machine against which all others are measured, and it continued as the benchmark in design and performance with the release of the MP9 in October 2008. The INFERNO has now evolved with the new MP10 to maintain its dominance at the forefront of competitive R/C racing.

Quick Features

  • Redesigned Chassis
    Weight distribution has been thoroughly tested and revised to deliver optimum steering hat is highly responsive and predictable, without being overly aggressive.
  • Details
    New technology has been incorporated to increase reliability and simplify maintenance.
  • Redesigned Body 
    Redesigned low profile body generates exceptional downforce. Kanai says the low profile, streamlined body produces excellent running stability and hugs the track tightly. Relentless testing and refinement of prototypes have resulted in a body design that maintains excellent balance.
  • And more…

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