Ever wondered how your lexan bodies are created? Take a look at how Overdose does it, and why their bodies are ever so detailed even though they are made from lexan!








Overdose Scion Weld FR-S High Detail Clear Body Set w/ Light Bucket Rear Wing #OD1987a

Making of Weld x Overdose Scion FR-S High Detail Clear Body Set OD1987a


The first in the OD HIGH DETAIL BODY series! The long-awaited Weld FR-S clear body is now available! A clear body that faithfully reproduces the demo car of Psion FR-S produced by Weld! The OD HIGH DETAIL BODY series uses a 3D scanner to thoroughly analyze the actual vehicle, creates a prototype with a 3D printer based on the data, and brushes up to the limit. And by cutting the mold by machining, even sharp edges can be expressed. In addition, the latest technology successfully reproduced the undercut at the rear of the front fender. In addition, a swan-neck type GT wing set Type-7 which is indispensable to Weld FR-S is attached.


Wheelbase: 258mm | Width Front: 196mm |Width Rear: 200mm

Overdose Scion Weld FR-S High Detail Clear Body | Light Bucket | Rear Wing

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