New Arrival!

The Limited Edition Hot Topic Drift From MST!
MST FXX 2.0 KMW Limited Edition 1/10 2WD Drift Car Kit #532184

KMW has updated technology, highest performance, and high-quality chassis. It has the new integrated design and the full upgrade kits to display in an ultra-high performance! The car body comes with an aluminum alloy nameplate of a limited serial number to highlight the uniqueness.

Quick Feature
-The newly designed aluminum alloy motor mount is capable of the new aluminum alloy upper swing arm and the new hem arm.
-The newly designed steering system and the new geometric setting large front steering angle allow the body to make a greater drift angle.
-It is equipped with an aluminum alloy ATK front-wheel seat. The exclusive adjustable design of three-stage tow distance and four-direction Ackermann lock points, allowing the front wheel to turn at a large angle and having more Ackermann angle settings.
-And more…

MST FXX 2.0 KMW Limited Edition 1/10 2WD Drift Car Kit
Red Version #532184R
Silver Version #532184S

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