RC DRIFT CybOrG Channel has uploaded a video about the first try of Overdose Vacula II 1/10 drift car.

Let’s check out the video now!

Video Credit: RC DRIFT CybOrG Channel @YouTube Channel

Don’t miss the Overdose Vacula II!

Overdose Vacula II 1/10 RWD High Performance Drift Chassis Kit Red #OD2301

The 2nd chapter of Vacula II. All new RWD spec “Vacula II” Introducing the new chassis kit for Vacula II On top of the simple and sleek aspects of the original design, we have added some edgy mechanical touch to the chassis. The RWD drive train creates realistic drift performance. Vacula II with all new chassis is now available.

Quick Features

  • Color: Red
  • Applied RWD specific bulkhead design for the front suspension unit. The single structured upper arm mount increases the stiffness of the whole upper arm. Supports the complex movements of RWD front tires.
  • Applied a slide rack for the steering unit. Same as XEX spec R, the combination of the suspension arm and the steering knuckle makes smooth handling possible when in sharp turns. Provides the ideal Ackerman ratio and steering angle setting for RWD.
  • And more…

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