Pro-Line Racing announced the new Badlands MX 1/8 buggy tire is coming soon. The Badlands tire is known for having a sweet motocross-inspired tread and the all-new Badlands MX tires kick that up to a notch with a bigger and bolder knobby tread that matches modern MX tire design. The Badlands MX is a true all-terrain tire that will find traction on any surface but is best suited for loose and loamy dirt, mud or grass. The tire fits most 1/8th scale buggy rims and it comes in M2 medium compound.

Let’s check out it now!

9067-01 Badlands MX M2 (Medium) All Terrain 1:8 Buggy Tires pro-line9067-01 Badlands MX M2 (Medium) All Terrain 1:8 Buggy Tires pro-line

Coming soon on rcMart, stay tuned for more information.

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