Just arrived in our office, an Orlandoo 1/35 micro crawler kit. So we quickly built it and shared with you the process. Stay tuned to our Facebook for pricing and availability soon!

Product Link: http://www.rcmart.com/f150-assemble-climbing-with-motorescservobattery-p-63357.html?cPath=420_1783

First we take a look at the wheelset, just like every 1/10 crawler you see on the market, it comes with inserts and the rubber material is very sticky. So we think that these tires will be fine on the trail.



Also like 1/10 crawlers, the construction of the axle is very similar. The parts you will recognise if you have built a 1/10 crawler before. The gears were hard to line up with the slots, this was maybe due to the small size of the parts.



Micro links! Although the links were very small, they were not hard to build, but do pay attention when holding the links with pliers you do not bend them! A $1HKD coin is shown for size reference, so you can see exactly how small 1/35 is.



Due to it’s resemblance to 1/10 crawlers, the center drive shafts are exact miniature replicas of the bigger drive shafts. As such, pay attention to not break the drive shaft whilst assembling the driveshaft. Also small are the shocks, these are dampened with shock grease.

11779983_1003561613009150_7655094019295328625_o 11700772_1003561533009158_7262882348547080208_o


The link mounts on the chassis require drilling as the holes are not predrilled. This is done with the included drill that comes with the kit. However it is quite tedious as the chassis is made of a very strong plastic material.

11741033_1003561199675858_6572979463829341577_o   11754577_1003561643009147_2563217436944148929_o 11802602_1003561689675809_6924650296762354902_o


Next we show you the drive train. The car is powered with a servo motor, so replacements will be easy to come by. We thought it was smart as servo motors come with a gearbox and is high torque by nature, and thus fits the requirement of the car perfectly.

11754360_1003559349676043_893562440050168814_o 11731956_1003561453009166_4678467404017659879_o10986803_1003561353009176_5703305270944928082_o


Included is a nice hard plastic body,  everything is snap onto the chassis so that there are no body posts protruding from the body. We also really liked how the chassis has light mounting built in, so there are no need for light buckets.