RCON had introduced the new RConcept 225mm wheelbase M-class supercar body shell. Offering a low center of gravity and high downforce design, the 170mm wide body is molded from lightweight 0.8mm polycarbonate. Included come window masks, a decal sheet as well as a separate rear wing with mounting hardware.

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RCON | New RConcept 225mm M-class Body Shell – Low CG

This is a new bodyshell design and development by rconDesign. After we finish SIREN, we decide to development a modern supercar for M-Chassis. This body must be low CG and enough down force for race. We build and rebuild many many times to modify the sharp and scale to ensure RCONCEPT enough beautiful and sexy.

Body Lenght: 360mm
Body Width : 170mm
Body Height: 90mm
Material: 0.8mm Lexan with protection film
Including Decal, Masking Film, Rear wing, and Rearwing Stand.

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