rcMart had cooperated with Blog Kentech – an RC Blogger who always share & review RC latest product.  This time, Blog Kentech will go to review the new chassis from Xpress – Execute FT1S Sport 1/10 FWD Touring, sponsored by rcMart.

He will go unbox it step by step and tell you the feature point that you should know!

The action video will be released soon, stay tuned!

Xpress Execute FT1S 1/10 Sport FWD Touring Car Kit #XP-90019 

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The Xpress brand was re-launched in 2016 by Dinball Ltd – the company behind rcMart, some 20 years after the Xpress brand was first established. At one time in the late 90’s, their Road Runner touring car was fairly popular, and yes, I was around back then, and remember that car well.

While the re-launched Xpress first cars where M size, it did not take long before Xpress re-entered the TC scene with the XQ1 chassis. Move forward to 2019, and the Execute FT1 pro-level FWD touring car was launched.

Now Xpress are releasing the sport version of that FF chassis, the Execute FT1S, at a very attractive price of around $120 (HK) or 140 € (EU), so let’s take a closer look at what you get with this affordable FWD!


The FT1S box is a typical size TC kit cardboard box, with some nice graphics for an attractive package.


Parts are packaged in one bag for each building step, with bearings and hardware packaged separately.

You also get some tools (1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm hex L wrenches, a moulded turnbuckle tool, box wrench), as well as 1M oil for the diff and 450 oil for the dampers.

A fairly simple but clear enough printed manual is included, as well as FT1S specific and Xpress decal sheets.


Screws are packaged by size in small bags, with the markings making it very easy to find the right ones and keep them organised. A simple but good idea!


One of the cost-saving changes on the budget FT1S, compared to the competition FT1, is that Xpress use cheaper FRP material instead of carbon fibre.

The lower deck is made from 2.5mm FRP, is 80mm wide, and weighs 111g, which is quite a lot more compared to a similar carbon chassis. This is both due to the material, and thickness – but at the lowest point of the car, this is the best place to add weight of course.

The chassis feels fairly stiff already on its own.


Some of the most expensive parts on pro-level TC’s are the machined aluminium parts. Hence, on the FT1S the bulkheads are composite instead of aluminium.

The front lower bulkhead is one-piece, with the bottom part keying into the chassis.

Both the chassis and bulkheads can be upgraded to the carbon and alu parts of the FT1, if you so wish at a later stage.


The gear diff is very much a standard TC design, and goes together well enough. Of course it is not super precision, but that’s not what you expect with the kit price either.


One-million weight silicone oil/grease is included for the diff, which is very welcome as it is of a hardness actually useable in an FWD chassis.

Outdrives are steel, with slots for 3.5mm driveshaft blades.

Overall weight of the diff is 24.6g.


Front gearbox assembled, with the gear diff riding on normal 10x15x4mm bearings inside eccentrics which lets you adjust belt tension. I found I had to use the tightest setting in order for the belt to not be too loose.

The upper shaft is steel, and uses a 20T plastic pulley, and rolls on 5x10x4mm bearings. The 20T pulley and 38T diff pulley gived an internal ratio of 1.9.

The belt is a normal S3M belt – 150mm or 50T.


The rear bulkhead is again composite and one-piece, with the bottom part keyed into the chassis.


Also the rear upper bulkhead is one-piece, and just like the lower part, borrowed from the XQ1S 4WD sport TC. Again you can use XQ1 alu parts to upgrade if you want.

In the image above you also see that the rear bulkhead left and right parts are also joined with a red-anodised alu post. Also seen are the composite 2-piece suspension mounts.


Here, the dual-bellcrank steering has been mounted. All the parts are plastic, but in total there are 6 ball bearings used, making sure the steering is fairly smooth.

In the same image you see the composite/FRP multi-piece floating servo mount. 3mm thick FRP material is used here, while the center composite part mount to the chassis with two screws and a moulded-in pin.


Top deck now on the car, mounted with four screws at the front and four at the back, as well as a center alu post. The top deck is cut from 2mm FRP.

An optional upper deck stiffener is also available (not included) that can be used to stiffen the top deck toward the rear end.


It’s now time to move onto the suspension of the FT1S, which is fairly conventional, and close to what’s included with Xpress’ other TC kits.

The suspension arms are of the Xpress “Strong” material, with “Strong Hard” available optionally. The arms use 3mm inner and outer pins.


Front steering blocks, C-hubs, and driveshafts in one image.

The steering blocks use a 2-piece construction, with one 3x8mm screw holding the pieces together. The C-hubs have 4 degrees of caster built in, which is standard on most TC designs.

Basic steel universal driveshafts are included, while double-joint versions are left for the option parts list. Normal 5x10x4mm wheel bearings are used.


Here the front suspension is on the car, with a one-piece composite suspension mount holding the inner 3mm pins that the arms pivot on. There is no adjustability in the included plastic mounts, but optionally you can use alu mounts with adjustable inserts.

The turnbuckles are steel, while the plastic ball-ends could be a bit smoother.


Here you see the rear suspension, with composite rear uprights, steel rear axles with good precision, and plastic wheel hexes.


The FT1S comes with front (1.3mm) and rear (1.2mm) roll-bars standard, which is very welcome on a car at this price.

The front bar holder is mounted to the front bulkheads from the bottom, which can be a bit tricky.


Both the front and rear bars use a central read alu collar that lets you center the bars left to right.


The black anodised aluminium motor mount is fairly simple and very low, mounted with one screw to the lower bulkhead and two screws to the lower deck.

Again, like on most FF cars, it places the motor quite far off-set to the left, and not in the center of the car.


A 96T (64P) spur gear is included and mounted to the shaft via a red-anodised aluminium spur gear holder, for a solid and play-free setup.


The FT1S dampers are again a standard single o-ring TC design, with the exception of the composite cylinders. Aluminium cylinders are obviously optionally available.

The lower and upper caps, as well as the upper sping holders are all red-anodised aluminium though.

One and two hole pistons are included, as are 4 “blue” marked springs. Overall damper length is 59mm.


The damper mounting ball nuts use a 2.5mm hex driver, while at the front the upper damper mounting point is extended from the tower with 12mm long alu spacers.

The front tower is made from 4mm FRP, and offer 3 damper mounting options.


The rear tower is cut from 3mm FRP, and offer 7 different damper mounting holes.


The front bumper is a bit special on the Xpress FT1 cars compared to many FWD cars, sweeping back on the sides to hold the front body mounts, which on most cars are fastened to the front tower.

The bumper also functions as a mount for a 30mm cooling fan, which can optionally be mounted in front of the motor to keep temperatures under control.


Two-piece foam bumper and composite upper bumper plate now added, together with body supports on the front body mounts.


The rear body posts, mounted to the rear tower, uses these slide-over posts to adjust body height.


Many different battery mount options (and parts) are included with the FT1S.

You can mount a shoty or normal size lipo on the right side, or you can use the included battery mounts for a perpendicular battery placement.

Above you see the small adjustable backstops which are used for the side battery placement, with the shorty the default setup.


And with that, the Xpress Execute FT1S 1/10 Sport FWD TC is completed.

The build went smooth overall, with no real problems. The FT1S is of course not super high-level precision and perfection, but with it you really get a lot for your money, as the car must be classed as very affordable. That a really affordable modern FF TC is now available can only be good, as it lowers the threshold to try FWD. And if you like it, the FT1S is fully upgradable.

Early next year I will try the car on the track, and report back on my findings.

For now, I hope you enjoyed this presentation of the Xpress Execute FT1S.


Xpress Execute FT1S 1/10 Sport FWD Touring Car Kit #XP-90019 

Xpress Execute FT1S 1/10 FWD touring car kit! Continuing on with the economical pricepoint with our “S” series of cars, we bring users with a entry-level price point FWD touring car with perfomance that exceeds what users pay for the kit! With the motor situated at the most forward position, thought was put into the battery placement selections which allows users to adjust the center of gravity through battery placement!

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