Dori Lounge wrote a review after he test the Xpress GripXero D1 1/10 High Performance RWD Drift Car.

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rcMart, Blog,Xpress | GripXero D1 1/10 High Performance RWD Drift Car - Review by Dori Lounge

First things first, this chassis truly surprised me with how well it performed, off of such a basic tune and so little power. Even with a 13.5T motor, under 50° Total timing, and being so dead stock that it’s still running the XPress stock springs, this $350 chassis was able to set roughly the same pace as the YD-2s here at Dori Lounge. Unless it became a battle of sheer power and wheelspin, it was even able to keep pace with my own, competition tuned YD-2!

As far as initial thoughts go, my first impression upon seeing the chassis was that it was going to be sorely lacking in performance and tuning capability. However, almost every complaint I had about this was diminished once I had my hands on the chassis, and with the recently announced upgrade/optional parts.

For example, one of my complaints was directed at the Front Upper Arm assembly. The use of two turnbuckles in a triangle initially looked like it would not only block steering angle, but make it difficult to adjust camber and caster separately. Due to the geometry of these two turnbuckles, one of them would affect almost solely caster, while the other affected almost solely camber, only affecting the other alignment angle by fractions of a degree. Not only this, but we were able to achieve far more than adequate lock with no more offset/scrub than we run on any other chassis.


rcMart, Blog,Xpress | GripXero D1 1/10 High Performance RWD Drift Car - Review by Dori Lounge

Other complaints if mine were focused on the rear end of the chassis. For one, the lack of possible positions for the rear coilovers. With only 2, tedious to adjust positions on the lower arms, it took a bit more spring adjustment and testing to find the most optimum position to get the most grip. But with the upcoming release of the lower shock mount bracket, this minor complaint is taken away.

The other issue I foresaw on the rear end was the lack of positions available for adjusting the roll center, a setting I find incredibly important for getting the right grip when and where you want it. However, there are two things to counter this potential shortcoming. For one, the stock position is already a very good position for the rear upper linkage, and is at least very close to where I would placed it anyway. Two, the rear upper linkage needs to be a supportive triangle in order to allow for the active toe that comes as standard on the rear end of the chassis. In short, the lack of rear roll center adjustment was a non issue.

However, I do still have a few issues with the stock chassis. Three, specifically.

The first is more of a complaint that a real issue, but is one I saw coming. The lower control arms. While they are delightfully light weight, their solid CF construction and ballcup method of attatchment means there is no adjustment for the wheelbase. The location where the lower end of the knuckle/hub is set, and you cannot be changed to adjustment the wheelbase length or width. Besides alignment and rims of different offset, you cannot change the footprint of the chassis. But, the stock setting performed quite well, and I am certain that XPress will remedy this with parts that have yet to be released.

The second issue I had is another that is more of a complaint than something that needs to be fixed. The IFS system that comes as standard on the chassis is lacking is geometry adjustment. The position of the turnbuckle link on the front lower arm cannot be changed, and neither can the position of the shocks on the rockers. Because the shocks are so close together, you cannot add spacers to the rocker to adjust the shock angle. As for the rocker itself, it is on the small side. While this isn’t an issue with the geometry per se, it meant the threading for the ball ends was rather shallow, making it a bit more of a challenge to set a different shock angle to achieve a different geometry.

The third issue I found with the chassis, is one I think needs to be addressed. The steering. While it is plenty capable of achieving good lock with a favorable Ackerman, the design and construct is somewhat outdated and falls short compared to most of the newer chassis. For example, the way in which the ball ends attach to the carbon steering plates is with a screw threaded through a small, metal insert that snaps into the carbon piece. This small metal insert however, does not fit perfect, and has a small bit of looseness to it. The ball end can shift and wiggle freely, leaving the steering system with quite a lot of play and looseness. The carbon plates themselves are also attached to a metal brace, a brace that sits on the bearings. While this connection is solid, it leaves the steering connected to the chassis plate by a single post on either side and has most of the steering done by singular carbon plates. This leaves the steering a lot of flex, especially on the arm that is directly connected to the servo. Due to the looseness and the large amount of flex that happens when approaching lock, it can create a few issues of not having the same Ackerman from left to right no matter how evenly you set-up the steering and cause a few unpredictable moments during driving, mostly when trying to pull high angle drifts or larger, deep throws into a corner. During driving and testing, the XPress has an issue holding and pulling out of high angle, and it was difficult to overcome due to the inconsistencies built into the steering assembly. Similar to other issues however, this is one that could be fixed with some well designed optional parts, or simply be driven around.

But even with those 3 issues, this is a good chassis for just $350! Carbon decks, metal bulkheads, and a very interesting and adjustable sliding mount for the ESC and gyro. Along with those, it comes standard with an active toe system and a limited slip Gear Differential. As previously stated, we were able to make this chassis keep pace with many of the hopped up YD-2s at our carpet track, with a higher turn motor and without even changing the springs! With the upgrades being released and some better springs and more fine tuning, this Xpress GripXero D1 has the potential to be a truly competitive chassis.


rcMart, Blog,Xpress | GripXero D1 1/10 High Performance RWD Drift Car - Review by Dori Lounge rcMart, Blog,Xpress | GripXero D1 1/10 High Performance RWD Drift Car - Review by Dori Lounge

And some shoot filmed by him.

Xpress has announced the upgrade parts of D1, Let’s check out it now!

Multi-Hole Rear Arm Shock Mount Set (XP-10489).

It increases the adjust-ability of your rear shock angles and setup with these lower rear shock mounts. Secures tightly on the lower graphite arm.

rcMart, Blog, Xpress GripXero D1 Multi Hole Rear Arm Shock Mount Set #XP-10489

High CG Rear ESC Mount (XP-10550).

By relocating your ESC to the back of the shock tower and ontop of the wheel axle line, you can get more grip from your tires during on and off power! This is possible due to shifting of the center of gravity to the rear of the car and higher than the wheel axle line!

rcMart, blog, Xpress GripXero D1 High CG ESC Mount Set #XP-10550

High CG Battery Mount (XP-10488).

It can gain more chassis roll which in turn lets the car easier to turn into the corner through the increased momentum at corner entry!

rcMart, blog, Xpress GripXero D1 High CG Battery Mount Adaptor Set #XP-10488

Don’t miss the GripXero D1!

Xpress GripXero D1 1/10 High Performance RWD Drift Car Kit #XP-90007

Combining R&D obtained from the Xpresso and Execute series, the GripXero is born! Featuring the best of both worlds, combining them together to produce a high performance RWD drift car! With new elements such as the Inboard Front Suspension (IFS) to further tailor the chassis towards throwing large slides!

Quick Features

  • High Flex Matte 2.5mm Graphite Main Chassis
  • High Flex Matte 2.0mm Graphite Vertical Topdeck With Changeable CG with Gyro Mount and Esc Mount
  • High Flex Matte 3.0mm Graphite Lightweight Front and Rear Arms
  • High Flex Matte 3.0mm Graphite Rear Shock Tower; low/high shock hole choice
  • And more…

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