Team Xpress Driver (Keith, Lan Lee, CY Leung , Hay Lai, Chau Man) had joined the 1st GIRC Touring Match in GRC, Korea what a good event gathered 100+ people.

Let’s check out the photo of the event!

rcmart-blog-Xpress | Joined the 1st GIRC Touring Match in GRC, Korea - Exciting Event Gathered 100+ People


Team Xpress hangs out the Xpress Execute XQ1 1/10 Touring to join the competition. They had a great time with the driver from other regions!

Result of Team Xpress

Keith A7 in Stock Class
Ian Lee B4 in Stock Class
CY Leung B5 in Stock Class

Hay Lai B3 in Modify Class
ChauMan C1 in Modify Class

Xpress Execute XQ1 1/10 Competition Grade Electric Touring Car Kit #XP-90003

Quick Feature

  • Slotted shock tower ensures perfect alignment
  • Bearing Supported Anti Rollbars for smoother suspension operation
  • Lowered positioned shocks allow a lower center of gravity for high stability
  • Marked spring tension adjustment nut for same left and right adjustment
  • Single piece Bulkheads slots into chassis for tweak free assembly
  • Plastic Suspension mount inserts for easy roll center adjustments
  • And more…

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