In the 1/10 M-Chassis world, Xpress Execute XM1S is the famous car. According to the RC CAR OF THE YEAR 2018 (Conducted by TURKRC & rcMart), it shows that Xpress XM1S is the famous compared to Tamiya M07, MTS Race OPT Mini3Racing Sakura Mini MG and ABC Hobby Gambado.

However, 3 Racing had introduced a new 1/10 M-chassis Sakura M4 into the M-chassis RC world.

What is the new feature of Sakura M4? Can this new member challenge the post of Xpress XM1S?

What is the difference between both of them?

Here is a short Structure & Spec Comparison for the people who are considering to go Xpress XM1S or 3racing Sakura M4! It may help in making the decision.

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Note: Xpress XM1S with Red Parts, 3 Racing Sakura All Black Parts

Side by Side View

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Features Highlight

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For the shock part, Sakura M4 and Execute XM1S include oil-filled damper. However, Xpress’s XM1S include some aluminum parts which will be a bit more durable in the long run.

Execute XM1S apply aluminum damper what more durable and higher compressive capacity.

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Both of them include Anti-Roll Bar, it can help reduce the body roll of a vehicle during fast cornering or over road irregularities. 3Racing’s have bearing supported so will be a tad smoother.

It good for fast speed turning and racing.

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In the steering part, Xpress Execute XM1S can provide higher performance in steering as it enables the car in floating or chassis mounted steering for different occasions. It good for the racer to modify the car by the situation. In Chassis Mounted Steering, the car will be more stable in the corners.

However, Sakura M4 have floating steering only!


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Xpress Execute XM1S – Closer Look

3 Racing Sakura M4 – Closer Look

Xpress Execute XM1S 1/10 4WD Mini Touring Car Kit #XP-90005

Video Credit: Xpress @ YouTube Channel

The Execute XM1S brings forward performance and features similar to competition class touring cars but at a fraction of the price and a reduction in size. By changing most aluminum materials to injection molded plastic parts, the precision and tolerances were kept the same but now you can get a taste of the Xpress touring car line at a fraction of the cost.

Quick Features

  • Slotted shocktower ensures perfect alignment
  • Single piece Bulkheads slots into chassis for tweak free assembly
  • Easy to install suspension mounts
  • Oil-filled dampers and gear differential
  • Floating Servo Mount, for symmetrical chassis flex
  • Ball Raced Steering Rack
  • And more…

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3Racing 1/10 SAKURA M4 4WD M-Chassis EP Car Kit #KIT-M4

M4 design is combined from our successful series -“SAKURA”; The main base design used the new XS/NU design and then comes with some of the new upgraded Sakura Advance 2K18 features. M4 is specially designed AWD M Chassis for beginners to get into the RC hobby.

Quick Features
-Adjustable wheelbase from 210 to 225mm; providing wide range of body choices
-Battery tray components from the new Sakura Advance 2K18, it is compatible with standard and short pack battery
-Extended front and rear suspension arms provide better stability.
-And more…

Let get yours now:
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