Congrats to Byoungwook Park for taking A1 & TQ at the GRC Indoor Masters Round 1 with  Yeah Racing M07 Race Conversion Kit #CK-M07!

Let’s check out it now!

Yeah Racing had introduced the conversion kit for Tamiya M07 that upgrades the original chassis to the race-oriented car. It doesn’t matter you have/don’t have Tamiya M07 chassis, you can get some parts to build a FWD M-chassis . For the Tamiya M07 Conversion Kit, Yeah Racing released two versions

What is the difference between the two of them?

Let’s check out it now!

For Yeah Racing Competition Level Conversion Kit For Tamiya M07 #CK-M07R


Competition Level Conversion Kit For Tamiya M07 #CK-M07R

Carbon Fiber Parts Come with

  • Carbon Fiber Chassis
  • Carbon Fiber Upper Desk
  • Carbon Fiber Front & Rear Shock Tower

For the Aluminum Parts Come With

  • Aluminum GearBox
  • Aluminum Front/Rear Suspension Mount
  • Aluminum Steering Knuckle

In CK-M07R, it included several degrees of insert (for the racer to select the perfect one), turnbuckle attached, aluminum Hex Wheel hub, and the parts of the weight increase.


What you need to buy for using this conversion kit?

In not courting the hardware parts (ESC, Motor, Servo, Gryo, Batteries, Receiver)

If you don’t have Tamiya M07, you need to buy

tamiya-54810-1M07 Carbon Fiber Reinforced C Parts Uprights 2 pcs Black (TAMIYA 54810)


M07 Carbon Fiber Reinforced D Parts Suspension Arms 2 pcs Black (TAMIYA 54811)


M07 Spur Gear w/ Counter Gear White (TAMIYA 51601)


M07 33mm Double Cardan Joint Shaft 2 pcs Black (TAMIYA 42312)



50mm Damper Set (DSG-0050/DBB-2050)


7075 Hard Coated Motor Gear/Pinions 06P 25T #MG-06P25T

Wheelset (1 pc)

All you need in this link

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