Yeah Racing new generation of Dampers, the Qutus (Quick Tuning System) allows for you to adjust the damper action without taking the damper apart and having to change oil! Build with the included adjustable pistons to quickly change how much dampening you require. Choice from 1 to 5 holes open in the piston will allow you to tune the damper matching to your track conditions.

Quick externally adjustable pistons. Design for user-friendly and convenience for the setting.

Let’s check out the design concept of ‘QUTUS’ Big-Bore Damper.

Video Credit: Yeah Racing @YouTube Channel


If not the quick tuning system, you should take the damper apart and having to change the oil. Quick Tuning System is more user-friendly.

And the Install Tutorial!

Video Credit: Yeah Racing @YouTube Channel

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Yeah Racing QUTUS 50mm & 55mm Damper Set for 1/10 RC Touring M-Chassis Car


Quick Features

  • Quick Hydraulic Tune System
  • 4, 6 Stages Of Adjustment Or 3 Different Fixed Pistons
  • CNC Machined
  • Selected Anti-Leak O-Ring
  • Aluminum Damper Cylinder
  • Easy To Refill Damper Oil
  • Simple Installation
  • Big Bore

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