VS Custom –  A RC lover & YouTube who loves to share the RC product information and conduct a product review. This time, VS Custom choose Yeah Racing Aluminum Upgrade Parts For his 3Racing Sakura D4.

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With how busy and crazy this winter has been it was nice to sit down and be able to tinker on one of the RC’s

Building my entry level Sakura D4 in to a fully upgraded beast has been my plan since day one. Using not just one company but a few different ones to get that unique build. When I started this build Yeah Racing had not come out with their upgrade kit yet., I figured with the last couple pieces to go they were my go to.

I decided to install their front and rear shock towers and rear lower arms. The quality of the parts feel just like the 3Racing and Usukani upgrades I already have on my Sakura D4. The only noticeable difference is the have a mat pink finish instead of 3Racing‘s Polished/Glossy pink look. I started with the front shock tower.
 file (1)

Removing the shock tower is pretty straight forward. Remove the screws bolting the shocks on and then remove the 4 screws holding the shock tower on. Install the new Yeah Racing shock tower in reverse order.

 file (2)

When is comes to the rear it is the same as the front. Because my shock setup is a little different then stock its a little more work but nothing intense.

 file (3)

The look when the new one is installed makes it all worth it. The Yeah Racing shock tower looks right at home.


Now it’s time for those rear lower arms to go!

 file (4)

The cool factor of the Yeah Racing arms is the adjust ability. If you want to run super stance just adjust it out if you want to run wider in the rear over all adjust the top arm out to match. ( keep in mind you will need other axle shafts to do this )

 Installation is pretty straight forward. Remove your rear knuckle, Take off your lower shock mounts and remove your rear toe block. Swap over all your pins off your original arms and bolt back up in reverse order.

And that’s it. All finished and installed.

 I have to say the fit and finish of the parts is great. No issues installing and they look right at home.

file (5)

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