Following our release of a sneak peek photo of the Yokomo’s YR-10 f1 kit, Yokomo have released full details of the kit. Here we go over some main points of kit:

Following the Yokomo 1/10 YRF F1 kit, Yokomo have completely redesigned this new F1 from the ground up, and it seems that as if no old parts will be carried over bar simple plastic parts such as links.

The Yokomo YR-10 1/10 F1 features a carbon fibre singe wishbone front end which runs your typical F104 style spring under steering block setup.  The servo is mounted on a floating servo mount which produces a smooth and consistent front chassis flex, which seems to be norm nowadays as seen on the Xray X1’16 as well . The rear end features long side links which are commonly seen F1’s sporting a 12th scale chassis layout.  The large volume center shock looks to be the same as the BD7, so you know these will be smooth and provide lots of grip. Large volume side friction dampers improve the side bite on throttle input and provide more consistent grip.

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